Introduction to the game Geometry Dash Bloodlus

Geometry Dash Bloodlust is a fast-paced game with many levels of difficulty enhanced based on the game Geometry Dash. Its bed-like levels are also harder.

The goal of the game is to learn how to move the square block well enough to get past the obstacles. Even though it's dangerous, you must keep control of the square block. In addition, you can refer to the thrilling shooting genre like Tank Shooting, an extremely popular shooting game between tanks.



At the start of the level, you have to fly a mini-ship in a very straight line. The Blood Moon of Terraria is in the background "Hell is coming. Die." "Iron God" is what "Rautasiene" means in Finnish, and knobbly, GMTSean, and Alias are all part of the meme (then Jacob Firestone).


Bloodbath starts to like the original after that. You can get a Low Detail Mode key that can't be used. Manix648 and knobbelboy are listed at the top. "DIE!!" is displayed upon exiting the tunnel. The straight fly ship part of Bloodbath's first phase is changed to a triple-speed microwave part.


There are a few more obstacles in the tiny ship part, but the gameplay is mostly the same. Both Manix and knobbelboy didn't like the way the game played, so they switched. The timings and orb timings in the new segment make it harder than the original Vermillion segment. Before Michigun's part, Bloodlust is shown.


In Michigun's redesigned part, moving the triggers needs more precision. The background goes black with a dark effect. Here, the paths are tighter, and the hanging spikes in the ball section have been replaced with big spikes that move. Waves have sharper spikes and can be played in different ways.


In the redone part of Evasium, the darkness makes it harder to see spikes and other obstacles. The part of the mini-gameplay that knobbelboy wrote was "awful." wave's 30% "Go into the mouth of the beast".


Namtar remade Crack's updated segment, making it harder to get into the "tunnels" by adding more obstacles and making the spaces between them narrower. The cube is pretty much the same before ASonicMen's part.


There are now less saw blades and more spikes and walls in ASonicMen's reconstructed section, in place of the former saw blades.


The ball element was replaced by a sequence of ships and UFOs with diagonal flight and tight gaps. The final stretch preceding the auto cube phase is a difficult, brief half-speed swing-copter segment. The auto cube part displays the word "monster" with the phrase "Prepare..." The player must jump off the auto cube or hit an invisible spike.


Etzer's new segment is substantially the same, save for the "Keep going" inscription at the bottom and constant gravity adjustments that make it challenging. Due to tighter gaps and greater gravity fluctuations, the UFO portion is more difficult. A 8), displaying Etzer's YouTube logo, and a text box titled "The Curse" because knobbelboy perished there 12 times prior to passing the verification.


The gameplay and visual effects of the revamped section of Havok have been modified. The ball phase is more challenging due to tricky timing and multiple orbs.


This part is a miniature UFO with several challenging timings.


This phase begins with a violent wave similar to Bloodbath, followed by an antigravity gateway. "Havok... Again" is displayed. The wave passes into Giron's revised phase, which is more difficult due to a "dark/corridor effect" and ship parts that are more compact. On the dual cube, "Keep Going" substitutes Giron's signature.


Except for the frills, Ggb0y's revised part is virtually the same. The player must use the Michigun technique (jumping over the "GG" blocks as opposed to sliding down) or they will fall onto the spikes below. "Or not?" is displayed adjacent to "GG" bricks.


It opens with Michigun's "monster" "carrying" the player with the phrase "It's not over..." After that, there is a hard robot portion and a scene with a ship traveling at triple speed with gravity shifts.


After then, a section of half-speed waves with narrow channels develops. This section closes with a rapid-fire UFO and ball game.


Next is a narrow tunnel with changes and spikes (Terron). Portals alter the gravity and shape of the player. Following this is a difficult cube segment with multiple jump rings, a short ship sector, gravity and size variations, and a mini-wave part.


This begins with a series of straight-flying ships. Variations in shape and gravity make this passage difficult. The straight flight concludes the segment.

95-100% Near the conclusion, fast-paced sections end and the "monster" moves to the left as the player slows down. The player assumes shapes of half-speed. Slower, it requires excellent timing and skill. After the part ends, a massive blood-red moon with the phrase "Bloodlust" appears in the sky. As the level's final obstacle, a triple spike appears.