Some information about Recoil

Recoil offers unique gameplay with an adorable square character. Control him to shoot the other squares to complete the task and advance to the next level.

The characters in this game are quite new. This is a square character and it cannot move in the usual way. You will move by shooting and creating recoil. From there, the character will move by inertia or bounce. You have to find ways to overcome the higher platforms to reach the opponent. Use your gun to clear them off the playing field. The following levels will take you to new playgrounds with more trouble challenges. Try your best to complete all levels. After overcoming all levels, you can move to other exciting games on our web, such as Getting Over It, Crossy Road, and Geometry Dash Lite. Good luck.

How to control

Use any keys on the keyboard to control.

Some attractive features of the game

Your ammo is not limited. So, to avoid getting stuck, you use ammo comfortably to be able to overcome the difficult platforms. In addition, you also do not need to care about the game time because it is unlimited. Play until you complete all the challenges.