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Rodeo Stampede


The gameplay of Rodeo Stampede

Become a Western cowboy

Enter Rodeo Stampede to get an opportunity to transform into a cool Western cowboy. Tame as many animals as possible and develop your zoo to earn coins.

In this game, you will explore the Western farm where many wild animals live. As a cowboy, your mission is to tame these animals. You must jump to approach them and then sit on their back. After sitting on their back successfully, you can control the animal to run to the left or right to evade trees, other animals, or stones along the way. Wait for the relationship to be full in order for you and this animal to befriend. Note that the animal will become crazy and lose control if you ride it too long. Therefore, you must change to ride different animals. Do not forget to collect the wooden boxes which contain many coins.

Grow your zoo

You can open a zoo in this game. This zoo will be located in the sky. All tamed animals will live in this zoo. In order to increase your income, you need to build a habitat for your animal and upgrade it. Moreover, the rarer animal you can catch, the more money you will get. Therefore, you must tame as many rare animals as possible to raise your income. Go to the shop to buy a dinosaur which is also a rare animal. The visitors may like it.

How to control

Hold the Spacebar and release it to jump.

Press the Spacebar one more time to catch the animal.

Press the Spacebar to retry or choose.

Some hints for you when playing Rodeo Stampede

  • Do not tap to land. Instead, touch and hold while you are riding.
  • Taming new animals will help to boost the ticket value of your zoo.
  • Keep your thumb on the Spacebar or the button on the screen at all times.
  • Reflex quickly when your animal is about to collide with other ones or trees.
  • If the elephant is upgraded, it can smash the rocks along the way easily.
  • Remember to upgrade the ship in the map screen.