Some missions of Stick Merge

Stick Merge offers some ferocious shooting matches for you. The game requests you to kill all foes to obtain coins and gems, and advance to the following day.
You will change into a stickman warrior to fight in this game. The third-person perspective game gives you a realistic feeling. Your life is in danger from terrifying weapons and numerous foes. To defeat them, you must shoot accurately. But they do a great job of hiding behind the wooden crates. So, in order to eliminate them from the playing field, you must concentrate and fire rapidly. You will get a ton of gold after doing the day's assignment. Use them to improve weapons. To increase it, you need to acquire two firearms of the same level. Then, you will possess a rifle that is incredibly cool and has amazing features and power. Diamonds are another reward for you, in addition. Diamonds can be used to swap for caps that can protect you from being shot. Do your best to win, then. Additionally, you can unwind by playing Geometry Dash Lite, Gumball Bash, and Recoil on our website.

How to play: Use the left mouse to shoot.

Customize your character

You can buy hats to help your character become attractive. The hats are divided into 2 kinds, including Basic hats and Epic hats. To purchase them, you must complete the missions to get as many diamonds as possible. Good luck!