Avatar Game

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Avatar Game released in 2023 is the game based on the movie Na'vi. Your goal is to overcome challenging obstacles to reach the epic land of Na'vi and Pandora.

You play as Jake Sully and become the hero in Avatar Game. The best action in this game combines both running and adventure genres, making it ideal for the target audience. As a bonus for fun obstacles, the genre also offers exciting travel.

How to controls:

How to win the Avatar game

The goal of the game is to guide your protagonist to safety by guiding him or her away from dangerous spikes and walls. To win an Avatar Game stage, you must reach the objective as quickly as possible. There are two playable characters, so you can try out two distinct movement styles. The robot can ski downhill, and the plane can soar over any obstructions in its path. Try to always achieve a maximum rating of three stars. You need to accumulate all 3 types of coins scattered on the track.