Drive Mad is a 3D driving game that challenges players to control their truck on a crazy road with many difficult obstacles to get in the finish line.

Do your duty in Drive Mad

Drive Mad's task is extremely difficult because players must drive a truck at high speeds on a crazy course while avoiding obstructions that emerge along the way without flipping the truck. This game will put your control skills to the test with many exciting maneuvers and inventive hurdles. Players must maintain their speed regulated if they are to cross the finish line in one piece. At first, you'll find it simple to navigate the obstructions with your truck's massive axles. However, you will soon have to be cautious because it has the potential to flip your vehicle upside down. The turn can shatter your car and you will lose the game.The game enables players to drive a different car in each level, preventing them from becoming bored with driving the same truck over and over again for 100 levels. Finish all of the stages to be the first to cross the finish line!

A few tips and tricks when playing Drive Mad

The size and shape of the car you operate will vary depending on the level criteria. You may need to maintain your truck very steady at times to travel back and forth more easily. So the best way to succeed is to master the driving technique that enables you to control the truck's balance and pace. Strive not to make the same error twice!

Level 39 - Runway: In order to complete the journey, you may need to discover a means to extend the runway. Remember that the aircraft has no brakes or backward. Do you understand how to do that?

Stage 43 - Excavator: Move forward by using the excavator's arm. Touch the goal at the conclusion of this stage by extending the excavator's arm, and don't fail to use the bucket.

Level 45 - Drive Level: To make the jump to the objective, drive at maximum speed for 3 seconds and then completely reverse. The momentum of the truck will work its charm and assist you clear the leap.