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Geometry Dash OMG Aliens


Some information about Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Be ready for a thrilling adventure in the dragon land in Geometry Dash OMG Aliens. Be careful with deadly obstacles and battle with the alien UFO.

This game is a 2.1 Demon level of Geometry Dash as well as the most challenging level in the Monster Gauntlet. The developer of this game, DanZmeN, used 27014 objects to design this game. It is possible to say that this game is really famous and appreciated by skillful players.

The playing rules of Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Travel and collect items

In this game, you will get a chance to discover the dragon land. This land features many dangerous obstacles, waterfalls, rivers, and dragons. If you do not want to die soon, you need to evade them by jumping or flying up. Furthermore, one interesting thing in this game is the constant change of your appearance after entering portals. Specifically,

  • 1-10%: At the start of the game, you will be in a ship and able to fly.
  • 11-20%: After going through a portal, you will transform into a UFO.
  • 21-30: Then, you will become a wave character with a super fast flying speed. You will fly through a zig-zag road and reach another gravity portal.
  • 31-40: Next, your appearance will change to a cube. You will slide on the road and jump over various dangers.
  • 41-44%: Afterwards, your appearance returns to the ship like the initial part. At 44%, a green slam monster will appear and the screen suddenly becomes black.
  • 49%-65%: At this time, you will transfer to the cube sequence. Then, you quickly change to the ball sequence and a spider sequence.
  • 66-69%: You will transform from a spider to a ship at 66%.
  • 70%-80%: After that, you will come back to the cube sequence. Note that at 74%, you will be divided into two cubes. If one cube crashes into the obstacles, both of them will die.
  • 81-100: Finally, you will become a wave and rush quickly to your destination.

All dangers along the way

There are various hazards you need to encounter. They are buzzsaws, gears, spikes, and high walls. Moreover, at the end of the game, you will need to confront a large UFO. This UFO will shoot lasers constantly at you. Do not try to beat it as it is really powerful. Instead, you need to fly up or down to evade its lasers and reach the destination safely.