Sniper Shooting lets you be a great sniper and you need to have fast hands to shoot all the enemies that prevent you with your amazing skills.

Mission in Sniper Shooting

If you are keen on gun shooting games, you must try this game.
In the game, you have to defeat all the enemies to complete the mission. Don't allow your opponents getaway! As a professional shooter, arm your firearm and attack the ruthless adversaries. There are a big amount of weapons for you to use comfortably. Utilize enemy forces as a target and master range shooting. Use various military sniper shooting skills to hit the targets. Pick up the in your hands quickly, let your blood boil, and don't let the dreadful criminals escape your sight. Just kill all to come to the next harder levels with more interesting things waiting for you.

interesting point of the game

You can enjoy many things in this special shooting game such as ultra-realistic 3D graphics and cool animations that make your feeling when playing the game the same as in real combat. There are tons of different weapons for you to choose from and use. There are also many enemies to defeat and hundreds of thrilling missions to complete. Especially, the way to control is very simple. Mouse-scroll to zoom in or out. Then drag left-click to aim your target and right-click to shoot. But you have to be very fast so that you can shoot as many enemies as possible.