Some things about Hexanaut.io

Hexanaut.io is an amusing game, where you can join many others from around the world. You must control your character to invade as many areas as possible.

In the playing field with many hexagon tiles, you must control your character to expand your colony. Your character will both move and create one Once you have zoned your area, the white bricks in the playing field will turn into the same color as your character. In addition, you also need to invade other people's areas. Try to zone out before they crash into you. If they crash into you before you finish the mission then you lose.

How to control Move the mouse to control your character.

Some outstanding features of the game

Like Geometry Dash Lite, Stickman Slope, and Rocking Sky Trip, you will receive a lot of bonuses. In this game, your reward is a number of coins. You can customize your character thanks to them. You can change the skin or badge.