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Geometry Dash Sonic Wave


About Geometry Dash Sonic Wave

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave is rated as one of the hardest in Geometry Dash games. Join the game and experience more attractive difficulty levels.

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave is a 1.9/2.0 solo Extreme Demon that was built, hack-verified, and initially published by Cyclic in 1.9 on June 21, 2015, then after another hacking scandal, drama, and a race to complete the level, was ultimately verified and published by Sunix in 2.0 on November 25, 2016.


0-8%: The level starts with a normal speed cube section with tricky timing and a short block maze where the player has to click at the exact right time to avoid hitting the blue jump orb on the second platform.

9-18%: This section is a double-speed ship sequence in which the player must escape many saw blades. Additionally, there are constant gravity and size variations, as well as a few spikes between the sloping structures that compel the player to suddenly fly straight up.

19-28%: This section transforms the player into a brief mini-cube transition where they must exactly hit a gravity orb after being bounced by multiple gravity pads. The player then enters a slow ball segment characterized by careful timing. The player later encounters an x1 speed trigger followed by an x2 speed trigger, making it more difficult to time the gravity shifts. The player then enters a twin mini-ball corridor with spikes on either side, where he or she must transfer gravity at precisely the proper moment to avoid the spikes (similar to Windy Landscape). After avoiding the spikes, the player must immediately switch the gravity after entering the cube portal in order to avoid colliding with the ceiling.

29-41%: This part is a very hard wave part with several saw blades that go through very tight spaces. Later, the player enters a mini-wave section with a series of sawblades that must be avoided by moving in a certain way. The player then goes back to a normal wave with more saw-blades and tighter spaces.

42-56%: This portion consists of an extremely difficult mini-wave section in which the player must hold the space bar to avoid the platform on which he or she must barely let go of the space bar to avoid the spikes. The player subsequently enters a portal to normal gravity with the same gameplay as before. The player must click incredibly quickly to dodge all of the sawblades in a mini-wave area.

56-65%: This level has a very straightforward cube section in which the player must attempt to hit all the jump orbs and continue jumping as the speed steadily increases.

65-77%: This portion consists of an additional wave section with extremely confined places and even more sawblades, which subsequently transforms into a dual wave in which the player must move in a specific direction to avoid all the invisible blocks and spikes above and below. The player then transforms back into a standard wave via a gravity portal and proceeds to avoid spikes, saw blades, and blocks.

78-87%: This stage begins with a mini-wave section at half-speed in which the player must spam to escape the blocks below and the sawblades above. The player must then traverse a narrow gap between slopes. The player then enters a memory cube segment that requires exact timing and clear recollection.

88-100%: The final segment is a triple-speed wave section with tight spaces that transitions into a mini-wave section with similar sawblades and tight spaces. The player then returns to a conventional wave segment at half speed, where he or she must properly navigate the little slopes (while also going through a normal speed trigger halfway through the section). The player then enters a double-speed mini-wave in which he or she must spam over the words "GG Cyclic" made of blocks. The player also sees the words "Riot", "Dual", "Chief", and "Nocta", which represent the skilled players ChiefFlurry, Dual Kiki, Noctalium, and Riot, to whom Sunix dedicated this achievement.