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Doodle Jump


About Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump gets its name from its distinctive art style, which draws inspiration from the doodles found on the margins of notebooks and sheets of workbook paper.

How to play

The central objective of Doodle Jump is to keep ascending. Your character automatically bounces from one platform to the next. Your role is to guide their left and right movement by tilting your device or using on-screen controls. The game cleverly takes care of timing your jumps, ensuring that your character gracefully leaps from one platform to another without missing a beat.

Controls: Use navigation keys.

In your quest for the highest score, you'll encounter various power-ups and objects that aid in your character's ascent. These power-ups offer an exhilarating twist to your journey:

Springs: These act as bouncy launchpads, propelling your little alien higher into the sky. A well-timed spring can provide the extra lift you need to reach new heights.

Rocket Boosters: These offer a sudden burst of upward momentum, allowing you to shoot through the air like a rocket and gain significant altitude in a short span of time.

Propeller Hat: With this whimsical hat, you can experience sustained flight, granting you the ability to navigate obstacles and hazards with ease. The propeller hat provides not only a delightful visual touch but also a practical advantage in your ascent.

Navigating Obstacles

As you climb higher, you'll encounter brown platforms that pose a unique challenge. These platforms are fragile and break upon contact. You'll need to keep moving, hopping from one platform to another without lingering, to avoid plummeting to the abyss below.

Alien Adversaries and Black Hole Perils

The ascent becomes even more exhilarating as you face formidable threats. Mischievous aliens and menacing black holes await you on your journey. Careful jumping is essential to evade these challenges, as moving too hastily can lead to unintended collisions. Fortunately, your character is armed with a trusty blaster that allows you to shoot menacing aliens and obstacles, clearing your path to greater heights. Striking the right balance between jumping, dodging, and shooting adds an exciting layer of skill and strategy to your ascent.