Conquer difficulty levels in Geometry Dash Clubstep

Geometry Dash Clubstep brings players to a new level with many attractive challenges. Control your geometry to move fast and reach the finish line safely.

Geometry Dash Clubstep has an average demon level and deserves 10 stars. Geometry Dash Clubstep difficulty is the fourteenth Demon level in Geometry Dash. Collecting the required number of "mystery coins" will allow you to move on to the next stage. The difficulty in this game is much more difficult than other levels because it requires complex operations in areas with limited distance as well as space. You will be easily fooled by fake spikes, fading spikes, and fading blocks. Fake spikes are often accompanied by faded spikes to make them harder to distinguish. In both blockchain and ball, dangerous loops occur frequently. Both the cube sequence with its combination of cushion and ring and the ship sequence with its gravity gate have strong gravity alternations that require highly developed ship control skills.

Find the mysterious coin

  • The first hidden coin can be found in the 9th percentile and is represented by the cube. When you reach a set of three jump rings arranged in a diagonal line, use the second ring to enter a gap in a spiky obstacle and retrieve the coin. From there, slide up and strike a jump ring, then a gravity ring, to return to the main path.
  • You can find UFO coins at the 71% mark. The coin can be obtained by instantly assuming this form and hopping up through an alternate path with close-contained fading spikes, dodging three, and ducking under two in between.
  • You'll find the third hidden coin at 96%, which doubles as a ship. Become a demonic form and descend through the first building to get the coin.
  • If you get all three coins and beat the level, you get a bonus UFO.