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Geometry Jump 2


Explore every level of Geometry Jump 2

Geometry Jump 2 is a novelty game with many levels to choose from. Prepare for a new mission and try to overcome all challenges to survive to the end.

If you haven't yet finished Part 1, try clicking Geometry Jump. In this sequel, additional levels were added to challenge players while also meeting their demands. So, you've always wanted us to create additional levels, haven't you? Geometry Jump 2 is currently playable. Enjoy our brand-new game!

This exciting race across platforms will leave you wanting more thanks to its diverse gameplay options and fast-paced action. There are fifteen different geometrical obstacle courses, each with its own distinctive design, just ready to be found. However, before you make your way onto the platform, you have the opportunity to visit the game's skin shop and personalize your athlete by viewing a brief advertisement! You can now begin testing the boundaries of your abilities! Begin with the first option to test your skills against the most fundamental of obstacles. Each mode introduces its own set of game-altering elements, but they all require you to keep attempting new things and consider the obstacles from a variety of perspectives. In some game modes, the yellow jumping boosters will improve your jumps, while in others, you will be required to prevent colliding with them. Find solutions to these patterns and devise strategies for each of the levels! Learn the steps, work on your reactions, and get ready to get your groove on with these competitions! If you keep attempting, you will eventually become proficient in all fifteen modes.

Features of the game

  • Minimalistic geometrical motif
  • Bright neon hues
  • Fifteen challenging scenarios
  • Unlockable skins at the game store
  • Available on smartphone


  • Space/Left Mouse Button to Fly
  • Plant Emblem (F)
  • Use the cursor for navigation