Drift Boss

47 votes 4.4/5

About Drift boss

Drift boss is a drifting game that can only be played by pushing one button. Drive through tight turns and over bumps until you tumble off the platform.

Drift Boss is definitely going to be a great game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours as you show off your driving skills or test your reflexes.The rules of this game are simple and the gameplay is enjoyable. It will make you want to keep playing this game. This game can be hard to stop playing because the way it works is so fun.

How to play

Get your vehicle to negotiate the turns. It's up to you, the driver, to take the vehicle as far as it can go. You score extra points based on how far you travel. Avoid falling into space. If this happens, it's the end of the game. You must navigate roadways that are constantly changing direction, bending, and slamming you into the pavement. Take care when you drive on these roads. They will make it easy for you to go to space.