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Age Of War


Age Of War is a base defense strategy game developed and published by Louissi in October 2007. Defend your base and strategize to destroy the enemy base.

Strategy to survive in every era

Starting the game you will be returned to the stone age where only dinosaurs existed and unspoiled caves. The only tools you have to equip yourself to survive these dangers are rocks and rudimentary branches. Try hard to earn enough XP so that you are eligible to move into a new era with more newly developed technologies.

To survive in every stage of the game, you need to prepare turrets and place them around your base to ensure the safety of your territory and prepare for terrifying battles. Try to develop your units more and more powerfully to be able to join forces to defend your territory. In addition to defending your territory, you need to prepare the best weapons and strategies to start with the battles to destroy the enemy's base in the fastest and most successful way.

Five stages of evolution

There are five stages of evolution to give you an overview of the development process from a stone age to a development age with many advanced development technologies which are:

  • Stone age
  • Castle age
  • Renaissance age
  • Modern age
  • Future age

Each period takes different time and experience to make a difference, try to take advantage of all the knowledge you have learned through each period and draw lessons, and arrange a good new strategy for your units.