The principles of Nugget Royale

Take part in the survival challenges between chickens in Nugget Royale. Run around the playing field to evade sharp knives and attempt to be the last survivor.

If you are a big fan of multiplayer games such as Smash Karts and Zombie Hunters Online, this game is designed for you. In this game, you will play as a chicken and join survival fights with other chickens. Run as fast as possible to evade sharp knives dropping from the sky. Note that the size of the playing field will decrease gradually. Therefore, you had better stay in the center of the playing field at all times to avoid falling. Besides, you can consume rice grains to become bigger and increase the chance of survival. Try to become the last standing chicken and get the first rank on the leaderboard.

As it is a multiplayer game, you can invite your friends to play with you. If you like the game, take a look at Geometry Dash Lite which is the most attractive game on our website.

How to control


  • Press WASD keys to move
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump


  • Press ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press an M key to jump


  • Press IJKL keys to move
  • Press BracketLeft to jump


  • Press 8-4-5-6 keys to move
  • Press a 0 key to jump