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Magic Cat Academy 2


Magic Cat Academy 2 is the sequel to Magic Cat Academy. Your goal is to protect your teammates and fight to destroy the ghosts that want to harm you.

Momo's mission in Magic Cat Academy 2

Momo's mission is to battle spirits as he makes his way across the river. A ghost that had just won the first round of the Magic Cat Academy was able to possess several marine species before escaping Momo.

In order to achieve all five levels of spirit conquest, Momo must use her strength to vanquish the spirits. Before taking on the ultimate foe, a volcano beneath the sea, be wary of ghosts and tormented animals. Using your wand, you can swiftly cast spells. Two new techniques make their debut in this installment: a circle action that provides safety and a spiral move that scares away dangerous wildlife. The shield can only be used to block a single strike.

Assist Momo's new pals in their fight against the Big Boss. Time pauses when the level's checkmark appears or, on Level 5, when the skip cutscene button appears to bypass the game's conclusion. To get started, click the "Draw" button. None of it can be seen now. Be an ally to your comrades and do what you can to help them!

The story about Magic Cat Academy 2

The initial part of the story

Gamers take charge of Momo, a cat with magical abilities. When her spellbook is stolen while she is at magic school, she must fight off the ghost responsible. Momo battles ghosts and bosses across five levels set in different areas of the school, including the library, cafeteria, classroom, gym, and rooftop. The ghosts can be vanquished by clicking and swiping the mouse in the appropriate directions, as indicated by the symbol above their heads. A horizontal line, a vertical line, a "v" shape, a "ʌ" form and a lightning bolt are the swiping directions, with the lightning bolt calling down lightning that weakens all adversaries on screen. On rare occasions, the player will be granted the ability to restore health by making a heart-shaped swipe.

The latter part of the story

After beating Momo in the first round, the spirit made its way to the ocean, where it took possession of several marine creatures. Momo fights his way through five increasingly difficult stages full of ghosts and haunting animals including undead jellyfish, sharks, vampire squid, and fishing fish, all the way up to the ultimate boss, an underwater volcano. Two new actions have been added to the game: a circle that grants the player a shield and a spiral that causes any nearby monsters to flee. The protection will only withstand one blow.