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Rally Point 3


Rally Point 3 is a racing game in which you drive a fast-paced offroad car and join a car racing. This is the third advanced version of the Rally Point game.

How to play Rally Point 3

In this game, you play the role of a driver master and get to try out your rally driving skills like in Thug Racer. Xform games studio is the developer and publisher of this driving game. The gameplay of this game is so simple when your objective is to get to the finishing line as soon as possible.

However, before starting the race, you will have to choose a track and a car. Once you've finished selecting tracks and cars, your race time begins. The track is limited. When you reach the end of the track, the game will show how long it took you to complete this track. In the end, this game will judge your driving ability.


There are a total of six tracks in the Rally Point 3 game. Complete track 1 to unlock track 2. Do the same until you can unlock all 6 tracks.


Similar to tracks, the game offers many different types of vehicles such as off-road vehicles, racing cars, and passenger cars. However, there is only one vehicle you can use at the start of the game. Other types need to be unlocked during the game.

How to control

Your car can be steered to turn left and right by using the arrow keys or WASD. In order to drift, the Shift, X key and right mouse button will support it. Finally, the space, Z key, and left mouse button will be used for Nitro.