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Geometry Dash Trump Circles


Conquer every level of Geometric Descent Trump Circles

Geometric Descent Trump Circles is a collaboration between Roll, Accord, Moufi, Gibbon, Darwin, and Titi on Easy Demon. The level of this game is quite easy.

It was a parody level constructed during the campaign of Donald Trump, who is now the 45th President of the United States, and It pokes fun at the idea of building a wall between the US and Mexico. It is considered to be one of the Nine Circles Devils with the least amount of complexity. This game is a copy of the Geometry Dash Nine Circles game in terms of gameplay as well as levels that are not too different.


0-12% (Rlol): The level begins with a section of normal speed cubes that closely mimics Nine Circles. The song's words are prominently displayed on the level. The cube is not particularly challenging, and despite the appearance of fake obstacles, the player scarcely needs to tap.

13-25% (Axxorz): Next, the player enters a fairly difficult ship sequence with multiple jump orbs and gravity changes, requiring basic straight-flying and timing skills. This is likely the most difficult portion of the game.

26-38% (Moufi): The player must then remember where to go as he or she enters a ball segment containing a large number of fake jump orbs and blocks.

39-50% (Gibbon): After the ball is a relatively straightforward normal pace cube segment. There is some scheduling involved, but the cube is essentially unrestricted.

51-81% (Darwin): The player is then transported to the beginning of the Nine Circles triple-speed wave section. It is highly attractive. There is a custom power button backdrop, and the color combinations of the Nine Circles blocks are pleasing. However, there are fewer fakes than in a typical Nine Circles level, making this section on the simpler end of the spectrum. The subsequent section of the Nine Circles wave has a distinct appearance and resembles a typical Nine Circles wave more than the preceding segment.

82-100% (Titi): The final 20% of the level consists of a half-speed cube segment. This is the primary reason why people believe this stage is so simple. Virtually no exertion is necessary. It is also poorly decorated, with only basic building blocks used to construct it. The level concludes when the player joins an auto-ship sequence featuring pixel art of Donald Trump.