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What A Leg


Welcome to the What A Leg game developed by RHM Interactive OU. Your task is to draw legs for the character so that she can reach the destination first.

How the What A Leg game works

This game offers many tracks with many different obstacles. Contestants participating in this race have to overcome those obstacles to reach the finish line. However, the interesting point of this game is that the characters in the game have no legs. As one of the runners, you have to draw your character's legs. Overcoming obstacles to be the first to finish or not depends on your leg drawing skills.

At the start of the race, your character stands at the starting point. There is a rectangular box at the bottom of the screen and you will draw legs in that area. Depending on the type of obstacle you will have different legs. You draw different pairs of short or long legs to match each obstacle. Like Parkour Race, the first one reaching the finishing line is the winner.

Instruction to control

Single-player mode

You will take part in a running competition with other online players from any place in the world. Mouse and Left-click are controls you use to draw legs in this mode.

Two-player mode

Invite your friends to play together on the same playing device in this game mode. Each player will draw his character 4 different legs before starting the race. Then, switch legs while running to overcome obstacles. In order to switch legs, the first player uses WASD and the second player uses the arrow keys.