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Subway Surfers


The gameplay of Subway Surfers

Welcome to Subway Surfers which is an endless running game made by Kiloo and SYBO. Run away from the guard and his dog and gather as many coins as possible.

In this game, you will transform into an average teen named Jake who vandalizes a subway train with spray paint. Then, you get caught and are chased by the guard and his dog. Therefore, you have to run as fast as possible to escape from them. Take caution with oncoming trains and barriers on the subway. Jump as high as possible, slide down, or move left or right to dodge them. Remember to collect power-ups such as Coin Magnet, Jetpack, 2X Multiplier, Super Sneakers, and Pogo Stick along the way. They assist you in gathering coins and protect you from dangers.

Play this game now to join an exciting adventure. If you want to embark on more adventures, check out Zombie Hunters Online, Geometry Dash Lite, Tomb Of The Mask Neon, and Tower Defense on our website.

How to control

  • Press the Left - Right Arrow keys to move left or right
  • Press an Up Arrow key to jump
  • Press a Down Arrow key to slide down
  • Press s Spacebar to activate the hoverboard