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Avengers: Hydra Dash


Your important missions in Avengers: Hydra Dash

Join Avengers: Hydra Dash to get a chance to transform into Marvel's superheroes. Take down all your opponents and gather all memory sticks to win.

If you are keen on Marvel games such as Thor Boss Battles, don't ignore this game. In this game, you will become Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Falcon, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Hulk. Each superhero has a distinct superpower. Select your favorite superhero and start the adventures now. Because the latest Hydra project endangers the peace of the Earth, you need to sneak into the base of the evil organization Hydra to gather information. Collect as all memory sticks as possible to crack Hydra's network. Be careful with the guards in the base. Try to kill as many rivals as possible and reach the destination in the shortest time.

Join this game now to stop the Hydra project now. If you are keen on this game, be sure to take a look at Geometry Dash Lite and Nightpoint.io on our website.

How to control

  • Press an Up Arrow Key to jump
  • Hold an Up Arrow Key to tumble-jump
  • Press an X key to attack your enemies
  • Press a C key to use your special ability