Some information about the game Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a horror game inspired by spooky educational games. The goal of the game is to find and possess all seven notebooks before skipping school.

Micah McGonigal is an independent software developer from the United States who is behind the creation of Baldi's Basics. His pseudonym is Mystman12. A teacher who appears to be an elementary school student and has a humorous appearance greets the protagonist upon entering the classroom. The atmosphere is fun and well-lit, and there's live music playing in the background. At first glance, nothing harmful or disturbing. On the other hand, there is something strange and scary going on behind the scenes. Those brave enough to face what lies ahead will be the only ones who will succeed. This game emulates educational games popular in the 1990s using massive graphics and themes comparable to the graphics and themes used in games like Sonic's Schoolhouse, I.M. Meer, and 3D Dinosaur Adventure.

Summary of the game's plot

The main character's best friend had misplaced seven notebooks, but he was unable to retrieve them because he was "rehearsing" at the time. So, he was forced to request the main character to visit the nearby school and retrieve the items for him. When the player first arrives, he is introduced to one of the professors by the name of Baldi. Each time the player discovers a notebook (there are three in each book), Baldi will give him some simple arithmetic problems to solve in the form of a riddle, and he will offer a reward if all of these quizzes are answered correctly. Baldi is another character who is prone to getting upset, and after asking problems to the player, this instructor will begin chasing that player for giving the incorrect solution. The protagonist is under obligation to keep searching for extra notebooks while simultaneously avoiding collision with other students and a range of obstacles. The menacing instructor will become extremely enraged at the player if they continue to make mistakes in their answers.