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Cars Demolition Derby


Cars Demolition Derby is a sports model racing game. Test your racing skills on existing tracks. It's time to take first place on the asphalt.

A Cardboard Speedway Ignites Thrills

Though the racetrack may consist of cardboard, the experience it offers is nothing short of exhilarating. In a showdown against three formidable opponents, your objective is to outpace them by completing laps with finesse. Confront an array of twists, turns, and obstacles that punctuate the circuit. Nimble fingers are a prerequisite, hesitation at barriers is an investment in futility, squandering your precious time.

Commanding Your Racing Steed

Navigate with precision by employing the left and right arrow keys to gracefully maneuver your racing machine. Amidst the chaos of competition, determining the optimal direction demands keen observation. Proceed with measured deliberation to ascertain your path before committing.

Unearth Hidden Treasures

As you hurtle down the track, seize the opportunity to amass coins and energy strewn along the way. Converting potential into kinetic, a well-timed press on the energy symbol unlocks a burst of speed. Prioritize energy acquisition, as it precedes any dash of velocity.

Elevate Performance in the Garage

Forge the path to vehicular excellence by employing your amassed coins for upgrades. Enhance facets like top speed, endurance, acceleration, nitro boost, and shock absorption, imbuing your ride with newfound capabilities. Remarkably, achievements could culminate in the acquisition of novel vehicles, awaiting your conquest of designated tasks.