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Crossy Traffic


Navigating the Road in Crossy Traffic

Crossy Traffic is an extremely attractive road crossing adventure game. You will need to help a chicken safely cross countless busy roads filled with traffic.

Unlike real-life road crossings equipped with markings and traffic lights, this game challenges you to navigate without these aids, keeping danger ever-present. Your success hinges on swift and skillful movement to reach the opposite side of the road. Timing is crucial, seize the moment when the road is devoid of cars, as any encounter with traffic spells game over.

Stay Vigilant Against Perils in Crossy Traffic

The roads are tightly packed with challenges. Your crossing adventures not only involve navigating roads congested with countless vehicles but also crossing rivers and railway tracks. When tackling the roads, exercise caution and cross only when traffic has cleared. Pay heed to the railroad warning signs, a red sign indicates an impending train passage. As for river crossings, you won't be utilizing boats. Instead, logs will intermittently surface to aid your river traversal. Keep a watchful eye, as these logs appear and disappear without warning.

Collect Coins to Unlock New Characters

Coins are scattered throughout your journey, gather them as they prove valuable. These coins grant access to new characters such as pigs, pandas, or elephants, each with its unique charm. Accumulate enough coins to unlock these characters and enhance your gaming experience. In Crossy Traffic, ensure your character never vanishes from the screen as you navigate these charming characters through their adventure.

Game Controls

  • Utilize the up arrow to advance.
  • Press the left and right arrows to maneuver your character left or right.