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Crowd Enhance


About Crowd Enhance

What is the Crowd Enhance game?

This is an arcade game in which you have a mission of eliminating your opponents and running to the destination. In specific, you first control a stickman to run. After that, expand your members by navigating the stickman through options. There is a diversity of options which include bad options and great options. It can help you increase the number of members, but it also makes your number of member decrease. In addition, there are options that provide your members with modern weapons. It's easier to defeat your enemies when you have huge damage weapons. Therefore, think carefully to give a smart plan to eliminate all opponents.

Control: Use your mouse to take control of your stickmen.

Great features of Crowd Enhance

  • The game offers the feature of unlocking new members. Access the character section and unlock the more beautiful character when you have enough points.
  • Access the lucky wheel to play a mini-game and receive other rewards every day.
  • Check-in every day to receive an extra reward of points or money in the calendar section.
  • In the setting area, it's easy to turn on or turn off the music sound.

Developer and release date

This interesting game is from Mir-games.net which is a game development company. Besides, this game has just been developed on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Tips and tricks to play

  • Control the character to move forward, backward, left, and right flexibly to kill enemies without reducing members.
  • Choose advanced weapons to easily kill all enemies.
  • It's highly recommended that you turn on the sound effect of the game during playing. The reason is that it will help you boost your enthusiasm to win.