About Cut The Rope: Magic

Embark on exciting adventures with Om Nom in Cut The Rope: Magic. Cut the ropes to feed a green frog with candies and explore the magic world.

A green frog named Om Nom comes to the magic world. In this world, he finds yummy candies, but they are hung with ropes. Help a cute frog cut the right ropes to make the candies drop into his mouth. In addition, you also need to make it go through three stars on the playing field to collect them. Note that you can click on the Wing button at the bottom left of the screen to change the green frog into a chick. Click this button again to make it transform into the original appearance.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to cut.

Levels in Cut The Rope: Magic

This game offers 15 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Utilize your logical thinking to beat all levels and discover mysterious things in the magic world. After exploring the magic world in this game, you can play Death Run 3D, Geometry Dash Lite, and Earn To Die for more adventures.