Some information about Deepest Sword

Go on an adventurous journey with a cartoon character in Deepest Sword. You must wield your sword to pierce the big sleeping dragon's heart.

Like Geometry Dash Lite, Crazy Drift, and Apple Worm, this game is also available on the web. You can join this game easily. With a sharp sword, you will play the hero character as you explore the dragon's lair. You will be given instructions on what to do next within the pitch-black cave. You can move totally normally on level ground. Swords are effective weapons to have on hand for both self-defense and overcoming barriers, you must use your sword when you come across the bar stairs and the hanging bricks. Then, when you ascend the dragon's back, you will see a little hole. Your weapon will be shattered if you stab it. But the dragon will not be slain the first time around because the sword falls short of the dragon's heart. The dragon will attack you by spitting fire at you, after which you will restart the battle with a long sword and face new challenges.

Ideally, keep playing the game until your sword is long enough to cut through the dragon's heart. You will develop into a real dragon slayer. Good luck!

How to control

Use WASD to move.

Use the mouse to rotate the sword.