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Fisherman Life


About Fisherman Life

Fisherman Life is a game about the sea theme. As a skilled fisherman, you must catch as many fish as possible and sell them for valuable coins. Equipped with your trusty fishing rod and a small boat, you will set sail on the open sea in search of abundant fish. Your goal is to capture as many fish as you can, which can then be exchanged for coins at the bustling market in the port. As your coin collection grows, you'll have the opportunity to expand and develop your own piece of land.

Fishing and Selling Your Catch

Set off on an exciting voyage across the sea. Navigate your boat to locate vast schools of fish. Once you spot them, position your boat close enough to begin reeling in your catch. As you fill your boat with fish, make your way back to the port to sell them and earn your well-deserved coins.

Developing Your Land

As the founder of your island, fishing serves as the backbone of its economy. With the coins you accumulate, you can purchase additional plots of land to expand your territory. This expansion paves the way for the growth of your village and economy. Remember, the more coins you acquire, the easier it becomes to develop and enhance your island.

Upgrade boats and ships

As your island and ambitions grow, you'll need to catch even more fish to meet the increasing demands. To accomplish this, consider investing your hard-earned coins in valuable upgrades.

Boat Upgrades

Enhance your fishing prowess by upgrading your boat's fishing power, cargo capacity, fishing area, and speed. These enhancements will make your fishing trips more efficient and fruitful.

Pier Upgrades

Take your fishing operations to the next level by improving the fish stack and the skills of your fishermen. Each fisherman is specialized in catching specific types of fish, so boosting their abilities will result in greater productivity. Additionally, as your island expands, you'll have the opportunity to hire more fishermen, expanding your fishing area and increasing your chances of a bountiful catch.