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Fishing Online


About Fishing Online

Fishing Online is where you will become a hero when you help a fish in a water shortage. Are you ready to make important decisions regarding survival?

How the Fishing Online game works

The context of this game is a fish in a fishing tank. However, this fish is in danger because there is no water. Areas of water have been prevented by barriers. You need to think of a way to open that barrier and direct the water to the fish area. That way, your fish won't die.

In addition to the lack of water, the game also presents other hazards. For example, dangerous animals will eat your fish if it reaches the fish's location. Or there's a stream of lava that burns everything. Fortunately, they are all separated by barriers. You must destroy them before bringing the water to the fish. Every decision you make will involve the life of that fish. Think carefully before opening any barriers.

Control: Hold the left mouse button and move the baffles.

Developers and release date

Kiz10.com is the developer of Fishing Online. The game comes out on Thursday, October 01, 2020.

Tips to play

  • If you see dangerous things in the game, make sure to remove them first.
  • You can lock dangerous things with baffles so they don't harm your fish.
  • You can protect the fish first by moving the baffles, then remove the danger. Finally, open the baffle to let the water in.