Exploring Flappy Bird 2

Conquer every hurdle in Flappy Bird 2. It's a fun adventure game. Control your bird to fly through the water pipes. The further you go, the higher your score.

Flappy Bird 2 is the sequel to the famous game Flappy Bird has stormed online gaming sites around the world. It is undeniable that the gameplay of this game is quite unique and more creative than any other game. Completely new gameplay. Instead of using the arrow keys like other adventure games, this game has an impressive control that is clicking to jump and fly higher when moving.

Flappy Bird 2's successful improvement

With this next version, the game has improved the speed of birds when moving, making the speed of flight easier than in the first version. In terms of graphics, the bird model is designed to be more eye-catching, and much more beautiful than the old version. The space and distance between the water pipes are more spacious, making it much easier for players to control. This can reduce the possibility of death when hitting the water pipes. Moreover, this version also has new features such as can collect more coins along the way. Start playing the game and share it with your friends right now!