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Friday Night Funkin'


Conquer the heart of your lover's father

Friday Night Funkin' is a music game that helps you relax while playing. Enjoy good songs and have to keep up with the beat by pressing the arrow keys.

To win your sweetheart's heart and his father's approval, you must beat him in rhythm competitions and demonstrate that you are a better singer than him. Press the arrows at the appropriate times to produce the desired sound, maintain rhythm throughout the songs, and miss as few notes as possible.Friday Night Funkin' has a story mode in which you must win rap battles against a variety of opponents over the course of seven weeks. Sing against Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, Pico, and others, and try not to lose the beat! The story mode has three difficulty levels, with the hardest mode being extremely difficult and requiring perfect coordination.

Win the Friday Night Funkin'

To win, you will have to spend 7 weeks participating in freestyle music competitions. To defeat your enemies, you need to use the arrow keys at the same time as the music is playing. In story mode, you will need to use the WASD and Arrow buttons to jump and complete tracks. The first few tracks will be very simple, but as duets are added, the rhythm will become significantly more complex. You can also join the game's preferences and take advantage of all the rhythms and engaging characters the game has to offer. Feel free to customize the levels of complexity to fit your needs. Your task is extremely simple: just click the arrows corresponding to each other as quickly and accurately as possible.

How to controls

  • To play, use WASD or the arrow keys, or modify the controls in the options to DFJK
  • Use the plus and minus signs to raise or lower the intensity
  • 0 to silence
  • Pressing Enter will decide
  • Use the ESC key to return