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Geometry Dash Badland


The gameplay of Geometry Dash Badland

An American player Edicts developed Geometry Dash Badland with the aim of bringing a new and more thrilling adventure. Play it now and explore the deadly land.

Run on dangerous roads

Like other versions such as Geometry Dash Clubstep, this game also requires you to run on roads full of deadly obstacles and traps. These traps are triple spikes, high walls, and buzzsaws. They are designed to stop you from reaching the finish line. Therefore, you must be careful. Make high jumps or fly high to evade them. Moreover, different kinds of portals are noteworthy things in this game. There are 4 kinds of portals which are Gravity, Duality, Teleportation, and Size Portals. The gravity portal will change your gravity while the duality portal will double you. The teleportation portal will take you to another road immediately while the size portal will change your size. Your appearance will also change after you enter these portals. You can change to a cube, wave, ship, ball, or robot.

Confront bosses

Besides dangerous traps, bosses are the second threats that you need to watch out for. During the journey, you will get an opportunity to fight against bosses at 58% and 74%. At 58%, you will be chased by a spiky wall. If you do not fly fast, you will be crushed by this wall. At 74%, a boss will appear. His body is square and his white face is a circle. He holds a giant sword. When the sword becomes purple, it can fire bullets at you. When it becomes blue, it can fire lasers. When it becomes red, the boss will swing it at you. You must fly up or down to dodge the attacks of the boss and get to the finish line soon.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.

Secrets upon secrets about Geometry Dash Badland

This game is designed with the Techno-neon style. Featuring challenging but engaging gameplay, this game surprises many skillful players and is often said to be an Insane Demon level. Actually, this game is a Hard Demon level. Furthermore, it is considered the third-best level in the Geometry Dash 2.0 Awards. This is similar to Geometry Dash Ultra Violence. This level contains 100,000 objects.