About Geometry Dash Blackboard

Geometry Dash Blackboard is a platformer game based on the rhythm, timing and accuracy of the player's movements are crucial for success in the game.

Geometry Dash Blackboard is a game that is not been officially released, it is a custom level created by a user. It is a game with a theme based on the blackboard and school. The game is built on the platform of the popular mobile game Geometry Dash, where players control a square-shaped character and navigate through levels filled with obstacles. The main objective of the game is to reach the end of the level while avoiding obstacles, and the players have to jump and fly to navigate through the level. As it's a custom level, the gameplay, controls, and obstacles are designed by the creator of the level, it may vary from the official levels of the Geometry Dash.

How to play

  • The controls in Geometry Dash are simple, players can use the arrow keys or the spacebar to jump and fly over obstacles. Players must time their jumps and movements to the beat of the music, which is an essential element of the gameplay. The level's difficulty increases as the player progresses, with more obstacles and a faster pace.
  • The game also features a level editor, where players can create and share their custom levels with others. The creator of the Blackboard level probably used the level editor to create the level and added a theme based on the blackboard and school, and the obstacles, challenges, and gameplay elements may be different from the official levels.