About the gameplay both Geometry Dash Candescent

Geometry Dash Candescent is a simple, epic level designed by Squall and embellished by CastriX. Your mission is to cross the obstacles to survive the longest.

Initially, there were cube and robot levels, where the player simply jumped on blocks and avoided spikes. The following are the additions of spaceships and UFOs. There you just complete the tests without mutations. You enter the portal of the ball and with one click you can change the force of gravity. Then you go through spikes and jump over blocks and orbs in the robot stage.

There is a short spider phase where gravity changes once, followed by a gravity trampoline and a UFO. There, the size of the same light obstruction is reduced. There will be a short cube stage where you simply bounce on the trampoline and enter the robot's portal. There you go through the spikes and get the last coin.


After passing through the portal, you will need to click on the spider's short stage a little bit, and then click again more forcefully, in order to obtain the first coin.

Towards the very end of the level is where you'll find the second coin. It is not obligatory to make that choice. You will be propelled upward, and the item will be taken by you without your intervention.