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Geometry Dash CastleMania


The overview of Geometry Dash CastleMania

Let's explore the mysterious castle in Geometry Dash CastleMania. Traverse through different paths, dodge traps, and fight against death guards in the castle.

This game is considered to be a 2 XL Medium Demon level which was developed by Serponge. Featuring many routes and multiple endings, the game was ranked to be Best Demon Megacollab in the Geometry Dash 2020 Awards. If you want to know how interesting it is, play the game to explore now.

Addicting gameplay of Geometry Dash CastleMania

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In this game, you will discover a castle where many mysteries are hidden. You will go through the jungle and then enter the castle. In the castle, you will traverse the Main Hall, Sinking Sewers, Prison, Abandoned Cells, Crystal Caves, Catacombs, and Deepest Depths. Then, you will reach White Church, Dark Church, Attic, Battlement, Hidden Pipeways, Garden, and Towers. Finally, you will visit Haunted Hall, Clocktower, Library, Painting Alley, and Exterior Path. Each route has a distinct and impressive background. Enjoy it while traveling.

Attend the adventure

Your mission in this game is to go through different routes to discover the castle and reach the end. Note that you will meet many deadly traps along the way. Therefore, jump or fly up to evade them. Try to stay alert at all times as the positions of the obstacles are unpredictable. In addition to dangerous obstacles, death guards in the castle are also dangers that you need to watch out for. Here is the list of the bosses in the game.

  • Ossgus - Dead Guard: He is a mini-boss appearing in the Prison.
  • Altus - Fallen Prince: This boss emerges in the Deepest Depths. He is able to summon minions. They will shoot lasers at you while Altus will shoot the skulls at you. You must take down him to get a coin.
  • Death - The Last Reaper: In the Clocktower, you will encounter a boss called Death - The Last Reaper. He holds a Scythe and spins it to attack you. Moreover, you can be cursed with blindness. Be careful and try to evade his Scythe.
  • Charta - Hollowed Tome: You will meet this boss in the Painting Alley. You must take caution with sparks of fire, green fireballs, green fireballs, and blocks from him. Attempt to knock out him to unlock the Library Path.