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Geometry Dash Change of Scene


Description of Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Coming to Geometry Dash Change of Scene, you will conquer the best and most selective levels through the Discord Gauntlet contest organized by Viprin. During the time you travel through the levels, you will discover different scenes that are extremely attractive such as theatres, movies, video games... With beautiful and attractive designs. The game has received a lot of praise and support from players all over the world.

Instructions for playing Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Simple gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to control the random symbol and start your challenging exploration journey. Each mode will have different challenges, try to complete them well with your quick reflexes. Just play and feel the attractive music that moves people. Fast paced and consecutive transitions make players fascinated with no way out in each mode that the game offers. Try to overcome the challenges and reach the final destination to win this fascinating game.

How to control

  • To jump and land on yellow rings, you can either press [up], [w], [space], or simply click.
  • When in ship mode, hold the button to ascend and release it to descend.
  • To achieve a higher jump, aim for a yellow pad.
  • For an even greater leap, find a blue pad that leads to a gravity portal.
  • Collect coins to earn bonus points.
  • To reduce lag and adjust effects, press L to toggle them on or off.