Learn about the game Geometry Dash Easy

Geometry Dash Easy is a great dash game. The goal of the game is to avoid colliding with the obstacles ahead. Don't forget to collect all the stars along the way.

The goal of the game is to avoid colliding with other players by any means possible. If you don't avoid getting stuck by vaulting over the obstructions and planning where you stand strategically, you'll have to start the level over. Throughout the course of the game, you will need to acquire stars in order to get access to further cubes that may contain characters. Put your knowledge and skills to the test!


The level begins with a cube sequence that is less difficult than the one in Stereo Madness, and it later transitions to a ship sequence that is also not particularly difficult. In one section, the player must make their way through a narrow passage that is surrounded on all sides by spikes (shown in the picture). After that comes another cube sequence that consists of multiple sets of spikes that are not triple, and halfway through this section there is an auto portion where the cube moves up and down a short slope of slabs. The final portion of the level contains a number of ship obstacles, some of which are reminiscent of the Stereo Madness levels.