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Geometry Dash Infiltrate


Introduction to the game Geometry Dash Infiltrate

Geometry Dash Infiltrate is a custom level for the rhythm-based platformer game Geometry Dash. Enjoy the levels and beautiful graphics this game has to offer.

Geometry Dash Infiltrate is a custom level in the popular rhythm-based platformer game. In this level, players navigate through various obstacles while jumping and avoiding enemies to the beat of the music. The level is designed to test the player's reflexes and musical timing. It is one of many levels created by fans of the game and is available to play through the level editor within the game. You can refer to another great game like Getting Over It, try to pass as many levels as possible.


  • Click [up] [w] [space] [ctrl] [capsLK] [f1]-[f12] or click to leap on yellow rings
  • Avoid the thorns Hold to fly up in ship mode and release to fly down
  • To jump high, strike a yellow pad
  • Hit a blue pad to increase your jump height (missing a gravity portal)
  • To earn bonus points, gather the coins
  • To toggle effects, tap L (to reduce lag)
  • To toggle the background, press B (can also reduce lag)