Some information about Geometry Dash Nine Circles

An extremely difficult challenge is waiting for you in Geometry Dash Nine Circles. You must overcome obstacles, avoid colliding with traps, and collect coins.

This game is in the same series as Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash, and Geometry Dash Bloodbath. However, the game poses many difficult challenges. You will need more skills to defeat it. In this game, you must also avoid a yellow orb, falling on false spikes, switching gravity, and so on. The traps and obstacles will be increasing dramatically. While dodging the obstacles, you also collect the coins. When you accumulate three coins, you will become the winner.

In addition, do not miss diamonds and stars during the game to raise your scores. Can you pass or will you stop the game? Make an effort to slide and find the coins.

How to control

You have to click the left mouse to make the character jump over. Next, release the left mouse to land.