Gameplay of the game Geometry Dash Outer Space

Challenge yourself with difficult levels in Geometry Dash Outer Space. The game is developed by Nicki 1202. Your task is to pass the blocks to the finish line.

0-9%: The level begins with a section of normal-speed cubes. There are the words "Fire Gauntlet" and an image of the Fire Gauntlet symbol.

10-20%: Next, the player enters an easy double-speed ship sequence with frequent speed adjustments and several obstacles that are simple to avoid. At 14%, the text "VIPRIN IS TRIGGERED" appears near the level's top, along with the first user coin directly above it.

21-33%: The player then transitions to a double-speed ball segment with simple timings and a number of seemingly random auto sections, after which he or she passes a similar grinning face at 24%. Then at 29%, the same visage can be seen, but sad.

34-44%: The player then enters a normal-speed UFO segment, at 36%, they are turned upside down and sent to double-speed, at 39%, they enter a blue gravity portal and return to normal speed, and at 40%, they exit the level. At 43%, the user enters a mini-portal and quickly reaches a cube portal. At 38% is the same face as at the outset, and at 43% is a face resembling a cat. This entire section consists of wide-open spaces and slopes that are safe for sliding.

45-67%: The player is enlarged upon entering the second cube section, discovering another smiley face like the one at 24%. This section includes straightforward jump orb timings as well as the second user coin. The player shortly enters a double-speed portal with a sad face above it, the same as the one at 29%. Soon, the player will encounter a succession of gravity mats for the buildup. The player then flies into the air and sees the words "OUTER SPACE" as they descend at triple speed through a ship portal.

68-100%: The player then enters a triple-speed ship sequence with a boss battle against a massive laser-shooting cannon on the right side of the screen. An exclamation mark appears just prior to its assault, which may consist of firing a massive laser or thrusting its spiked arms at the player. In addition, the screen's top and bottom are covered with spines, with the exception of the location of the third user coin. At 80%, it retreats, and the player must avoid large sawblades and other obstacles in order to proceed. The player reaches a normal-speed portal at the end of the level, at which point the large laser emerges from the wall.

User Coins

At 14%, in the very first segment of the ship, you'll find the first user coin. To acquire it, the player must fly up, but just high enough so that trey does not crash into the spikes on the ceiling.

The second user coin can be found in the cube section at 57%. To collect it, the player must leap and avoid colliding with the green jump orb, instead landing between two spikes. The player must then press the blue gravity pad immediately adjacent to the coin to return to the normal route.

The third and final user coin is located at 74%, in the ship sequence's boss fight. To obtain it, the player must either fly beneath a laser that the boss fires near the ground, or fall to the ground.