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Geometry Dash The Realistic


Complete the levels in Geometry Dash The Realistic

You are about to enter a whole new adventure with the game Geometry Dash The Realistic. Control the character to overcome the difficulty levels ahead.

Geometry Dash The Realistic is a difficulty level recreation of Geometry Dash Nine Circles, which is known not just for the introduction of the elliptical cube phase, but also for its wave segment, which includes a large number of absurdly thin areas and requires extremely strong mashing and timing skills.

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0-11%: The level begins with a moderately challenging and buggy cube part with multiple traps and essential timing.

11-18%: The player then begins a slightly challenging but simpler double-speed ship segment with multiple slopes (some of which lead to death) and saw-blades everywhere. The player then enters a half-speed auto cube segment as the music intensifies.

18-61%: Then, the player enters the first epileptic portion, a triple-speed wave segment that is extremely challenging due to flashing colors, extremely confined quarters, and gravity and size variations that can easily throw the player off.

61-72%: After this atypically brief wave portion, which comprises just roughly 40 percent of the game, the player enters a second segment comprised of cubes. However, this one is far simpler.

72-100%: The player then enters a simple double-speed ball segment with various traps, simpler timing, and multiple saw-blades. Next, the player reaches another half-speed auto cube portion, known to have caused numerous gamers, including Riot, to crash here owing to unpleasant problems. Finally, the player switches into a triple-speed epileptic cube segment. Nonetheless, this one is far simpler than the wave portion, albeit a bit troublesome. The player then descends upward through several mirror portals and enters a brief mini-UFO portion with "SOF" on the bottom, which can be presumed to be an abbreviation for "SOFTABLE," the name of the game's inventor. Passing the name signifies the conclusion of the level.


Use mouse or spacebar