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Geometry Dash Unity


Get started with level 2.0 of Geometry Dash Unity. Your goal is to pass difficult levels with many complex designs. Complete levels to unlock new levels.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash Unity

The level begins with a simple cube section containing a few traps and tricks. The player then enters a mini-UFO segment with numerous "balls" that can easily murder them. It has numerous techniques as well.

The player will continue to be a UFO with Tetris-themed barriers. The UFO is covered by a pulsating square-shaped "block." It is considerably more difficult than the initial portion of the UFO due to the confined spaces. After the UFO, the player will transform into a miniature ship covered by a spacecraft. Here, harmful "lasers" appear at random.

After the "lasers," a corner "loading bar" will appear. When the bar reaches 100 percent, the player will metamorphose into a rainbow-colored wave with objects emerging from the ground. This is the most well-known section of the level, as you must consistently avoid five metal bars that attempt to attack you.

After the wave segment, the player will transition to a dual ball segment that is incredibly simple. Following the ball is a straightforward dual-robot segment. After the dual robot, the level concludes with an additional straightforward dual ball segment.

Coins in the game

The first coin can be found at 44% during the initial mini-ship sequence. It is at the top, indicated by a coin in the manner of "Super Mario World." It is difficult to attain due to numerous obstacles and some straight flying, but it is not particularly difficult.

The second coin is located in the first wave segment at 65 percent. It is located at the base of a large cube. However, the player must perform a modest movement to obtain this coin and then ascend again. It is fairly challenging.

The third coin is located in the final dual robot segment at 92%. It is contained in a cube. Due to the fact that there is only one block space for each robot, precise coordination is required. There is a high likelihood of colliding with a wall.