Information about Geometry Jump Sketchy

Geometry Jump Sketchy is the sequel to the Geometry Dash game series. It gives a great game experience. Sketch has several distinct character types and speeds!

You have arrived at Geometry Jump Sketchy, a fun arcade game in which you will be placed in a sketch world and tasked with attempting to jump over as many obstacles as possible in order to achieve victory. These obstacles present a wide variety of difficulties, thus, in order to achieve the maximum possible score, you will need to test the limits of your abilities. Enjoy this unique experience and have fun putting your talents to the test! Prepare yourself for an extremely difficult test, avoid getting caught in the traps and stumbling blocks, and see how far you can get! After completing the levels of this game, continue to Geometry Loop Jump and start conquering the next levels.


Use the mouse to play

The goal of Geometry Jump Sketchy

Choose your geometrical shape to begin, then after that, the speed at which you want to make your run because you are able to go slower if that is what makes you feel most comfortable. When you get close to an obstacle, which is typically the pointy end of a crayon, you have to click somewhere on the screen to make the square rotate and jump into the air.

Be careful not to run into any of the obstacles, for if you do, your race will be over, and you will have to begin it all over again from the beginning. Because this is an endless runner game, you can advance as far as you possibly can if you believe you are capable of doing so. Your score will increase in proportion to the number of levels you have completed and the number of jumps you have completed.