Learn about the game Geometry Neon Dash

Geometry Neon Dash is a running game in which you must assist a small square in reaching its destination. Jump, fly, and avoid a slew of deadly traps right now!

You will play as the little square that serves as the protagonist in the Geometry Dash series once more in this game. In the video game Geometry Neon Dash, the story of this square will continue. Within the first five rounds of this game, the adventure will be cut down significantly. As you progress through the stages, you will take control of both the square and the plane in turn. For illustration purposes, if the first level requires you to navigate the square, the second level may need you to fly the plane. Also you can refer to the game Slope 3, an extremely addictive fast-paced endless running game.

How to play

Simply click the mouse or touch the screen to hop over obstacles when controlling the square. To make correct jumps, you must assess the distance between your character and the traps. When your character approaches a trap, immediately click the mouse to avoid it. Do not jump when obstacles are too far away. Any errors will cause your square to collapse.

As with other geometry dash games, remember the no-touch rule when flying a plane. In these stages, obstacles and traps will appear not only on the ground but also from the ceiling. Consequently, you can only fly between