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Ghost Wiper


The mechanics of Ghost Wiper

Welcome to Ghost Wiper join the ghost-hunting squad with two boys. You must cooperate with the opponent to run out of ghosts required to complete the level.

You will enter another person in this game, which is similar to Pill Volley, and Tank Shooting. However, in this game, you will not need to fight against another, but you will cooperate with another person to complete the task. Both of you are requested to clean up the ghosts in the building. To complete the mission, the two of you must act together. The first character will use the gun to paralyze the ghost for a few seconds. As soon as it is hit, it will appear. This is where the second character does his job. Throw out a ghost catcher to capture it. You must capture all the ghosts in the room to progress to the next level. There are many other rooms with countless ghosts waiting for you to conquer. In addition, you can also play Geometry Dash Lite after completing all missions.

How to control

Player 1

WASD to move

W to jump.

S to hidden.

F to shoot.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

L to throw trap.

K to throw/pick up the box.