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The gameplay of Gigga.io

Keep yourself alive when fighting against other players and bosses in Gigga.io. Take control of your tank to move around the arena and shoot down rivals.

At the start of the game, you need to enter your nickname and choose between three game modes and two regions. Then, click the Play button to jump into the arena. the shape of your tank will be selected at random. Therefore, you can become an egg, triangle, square, pentagon, or hexagon. Control your tank to move around the map to visit different sanctuaries which are Egg Sanctuary, Triangle Sanctuary, Square Sanctuary, and Pentagon Sanctuary. Note that if your tank is a circle, you will have a higher HP when entering the egg sanctuary. As soon as you see other players or bosses, you need to shoot them down. The more opponents you can eliminate, the higher score and rank you will get.

How to control: Press Arrow keys or WASD keys to move.

All game modes that you can choose

There are three game modes in the Gigga.io game.

  • 4TDM: In this mode, you and the other players will be divided into four teams with different colors such as pink, red, blue, and green. You must stay close to your teammate and defeat as many rivals in the arena as possible.
  • FFA: In this mode, you will join the fight alone. Everyone around you is your rival, so you need to stay alert at all times.
  • 2TDM: This mode will divide your and other players into two teams. Look at the color of the tanks to know who your teammate or opponent is.