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Golf Battle


Golf Battle is an exciting golf game. Place the ball as much as possible. There are up to 500 attractive golf ball models waiting for you to own.

Rules of Golf Battle

Aim the ball into the hole accurately

Your goal is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of shots possible. You have a time limit of 2 minutes to complete as many holes as possible. Align your shots properly so the ball always goes into the right hole and saves turns. The fewer turns you use, the more points you earn, and collecting coins along the way can increase your score even more. Manage your time intelligently and you will achieve results beyond your expectations.

Control your shots

To achieve perfect play, you need to calculate the right force and angle to guide the ball into the hole with the fewest shots. Avoid hitting the ball too hard, as it can lead to unwanted consequences and negatively affect your final score. Be careful not to let the ball leave the board because it will cause consequences. Precision and control are crucial in your quest for success.

Compete with many players and get rewards

Challenge other players

The game lets you compete against six other players, sometimes even including computer-controlled opponents. Each match consists of three rounds and your goal is to sink the ball with as few shots as possible. The top three players in the leaderboard will receive bonuses, while those ranked fourth or lower may receive minimal rewards or no rewards at all. Try to surpass your competitors and take a place among the top contenders. The competition in this game is much more intense than the Basket Random game. So you need to stay calm and try your best.

Attractive rewards

In case the number of strokes is equal, players will enter extra time with the goal of bringing the ball closest to the flagpole to win. Along with monetary rewards, winning players are also rewarded with loot boxes containing many attractive prizes such as unique golf balls, specialized golf clubs, ball slides, or attractive ball-in-hole effects. The stakes are high and the rewards are worth the effort.