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Embark on an Oceanic Journey

Set sail and cross the vast ocean in Krew.io to embark on exciting adventures. Discover hidden treasures and participate in fierce battles with other players.

If you possess a penchant for thrilling oceanic escapades, then this game is a must-try. Assume the role of a cannon-wielding character and captain your very own ship through the boundless sea. Along your journey, you will stumble upon intriguing discoveries, including wooden boxes brimming with valuable coins. Hence, seize every opportunity to collect these wooden crates and amass a wealth of coins. However, keep in mind that oceanic exploration often leads to confrontations. You'll encounter fellow players sailing the same waters, but friendliness is not guaranteed. Be prepared for potential skirmishes and aim to eliminate rival players before they can attack you. Moreover, you must remain vigilant, as the ocean is inhabited by aggressive sharks. Should you fall victim to a shark's bite, swiftly locate a secluded island where you can convalesce and restore your health.

Control Guide

  • Employ the WASD keys to navigate your character through the ocean.
  • Utilize the Spacebar to execute jumps.
  • Use the 1 key to operate the cannon.
  • Utilize the 2 key to manipulate the fishing rod.
  • Employ the 3 key to access the spyglass.
  • Utilize the 5-7 keys to enhance your character's statistics.
  • Activate the M key to reveal or conceal the map.
  • Trigger the Shift key to unveil or conceal the leaderboard.