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Learn to Fly


The description of Learn to Fly


Take your penguin to the next level in the ultimate Learn to Fly adventure! Upgrade your way to success, avoid obstacles and prove that penguins can really fly. This game presents three exciting game modes: Classic, Arcade, and Story. Classic mode puts your skills to the test as you try to cover the farthest distance in a limited number of days. Arcade mode requires you to maneuver through rings and avoid obstacles to earn points. Finally, Story mode offers a series of challenges to complete and unlock new items to help your penguin soar higher.

Key characteristics

  • Numerous upgrade choices are available
  • The ability to customize the appearance of attachments on your body
  • Upon reaching specific achievements, players can unlock four new stages

Perfect combination

The game is a combination of various proficiencies, ranging from strategic upgrading to the ability to proficiently fly the given upgrades for maximum distance. In essence, there are multiple layers to Learn to Fly, making it a multifaceted gaming experience.

Instructions to conquer the game Learn to Fly

Your objective

The objective is to launch a penguin as far as possible and acquire all the upgrades. Tired of being grounded, this penguin yearns to take flight! Slide off the ramp, invest in upgrades, and soar over the water. Utilize the left and right arrow keys to regulate your flight angle. And when you acquire rockets, simply press and hold the Spacebar to launch them. It can be quite challenging in the beginning, but players need to collect coins to purchase upgrades. As they progress, they can gradually increase their flying distance, earn more money, and purchase all the upgrades available.


A valuable tip is to prioritize upgrading as soon as possible. New players often make the mistake of holding onto their money for a single, expensive upgrade. However, this can waste valuable time that could be spent on acquiring multiple upgrades that would provide greater benefits.